Building a reliable maintenance team is one of the more important parts of setting up short term rentals. In every maintenance team, perhaps the most critical and necessary role is that of the cleaner! Whether you live near your short term rental or across the country, the same approach can be used to find a cleaner. Finding an experienced Airbnb cleaner is important as they are familiar with the specific needs of cleaning short term rentals (fast turnovers, attention to detail, reporting issues with the property back to the owner, etc.) 


Use online marketplaces such as AirBNB and VRBO to search for properties by location and find short term rentals near yours. Message the host and ask for referrals to local cleaners they have had success with. Many hosts will be happy to share the names of the people on their maintenance teams. 

Search for and join local FB groups for STR owners. Do a search of the page for cleaners that have been recommended or ask for recommendations. Short Term Rental Owner FB groups can be a useful source of information!

Angi (formerly known as Angie’s List) is a website that includes service professionals in all areas. After answering a few questions about where you are located and the type of professional you are looking for, you will receive a list of available service employees. 

Turnover BNB is similar to Angi, however, they only work with cleaners. Turnover BNB can help you find cleaners in your area and if you are looking for an online booking platform, they also provide that service. 


how to find Airbnb cleaners


When you are visiting the area where you plan to buy your short term rentals, if you find that the property you are staying in has been cleaned well, ask the host for the name of the cleaner. If you like the cleaning quality of the short term rental you are buying, ask your realtor to obtain the cleaners point of contact from the listing agent. Continuity of service is one of the easiest ways to get a cleaner as they are familiar with the property!

Ask your real estate agent if they have a list of resources that you can use. Oftentimes realtors will compile resources that they can offer their clients to help them get their short term rentals set up. 

Black Sheep Realty is a boutique real estate team that specializes in helping investors find cash flowing Smokies short term rentals. The Best BNB Host, partners with Black Sheep Realty to provide full service short term rental setup services. We have a spreadsheet of STR Support resources available to members of our FB community. In addition, we have created a cleaner questionnaire to help you in your interview process. This questionnaire will ensure that you ask all of the pertinent questions when hiring an Airbnb cleaner for your short term rentals.




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